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Relate one important theme / issue presented in the novel you have studied. Why do you think it is important? Relate it with the novel that you have read.


Sample Answer 1 : Determination


The novel that I had chosen is Around the World in 80 days by Jules Verne.

The most important theme in this novel is Determination.


Explanation to

the question - 1

Determination is important because it brings out the courage to face life is full of challenges and unexpectedness

In the novel, Fogg has to face several challenges in order to complete the journey around the world in 80 days.

Evidence 1.1

The first challenge that he needs to face is while traveling to Allahabad. Fogg learned that there is no railway line to Allahabad when the train suddenly stops. Fogg decides to walk to Allahabad but Passepartout suggests a better idea when he saw an elephant. Fogg bought the elephant, Kiouni and finds a guide, Ali to bring them to Allahabad.

Evidence 1.2

The second challenge is Fogg, Aouda and Passepartout are brought to face the judge in Calcutta. This is because of Passepartouts misconduct at the temple in Bombay. Fogg willingly pay Passepartouts bail because he does not want Passepartout to be jailed and to avoid further delay to his journey.

Personal Response - 1

If Fogg is not determined, he would not have completed the journey.

I learned that life is not a bed of roses, if we are not courageous or determined enough, we might not be able to solve our problems

Explanation to

the question - 2

Determination is important because it makes us more resourceful.

Evidence 2.1

This can be clearly seen in Fogg. Although they had missed the Carnatic to Yokohama, Fogg did not wait for other ships to Yokohama. He finds ways to solve his problem. He finds Tankadere and they set sail to Shanghai and later board the Carnatic.

Evidence 2.2

Besides, this can be clearly seen in Passepartout too. Passepartout manages to board the Carnatic in Hong Kong. When he realizes that he is alone and penniless in Yokohama, he decides to sell his clothes so that he can have some money to buy food. He is determined to go to America to find Fogg. He joins an acrobatic troupe. He has to wear a long nose and be part of a human pyramid. During the performance, he sees Fogg and they are reunited.

Personal Response - 2

If Fogg and Passepartout are not determined in what they do, they would not find ways to solve their problems.


I learned that if we want something badly, we will find ways to solve our problems

Explanation to

the question - 3

Determination is the best motivation towards success.

Evidence 3.1

In this novel, Fogg is determined to travel around the world in 80 days. He wants to prove that it is possible to travel around the world in 80 days. During the journey, he has to fight the outlaws on the way to Omaha and has to save Passepartout from the outlaws. Fogg and his companions still manage to go to Omaha using sled with sails and later a train to Chicago. Then, Fogg and his companions take another train to New York. Although, he has missed the China, but Fogg finds ways to overcome his problem. He manages to hire a ship, Henrietta.

Evidence 3.2

Although the captain of Henrietta refuses to take them to Liverpool, Fogg still strikes a deal with the captain to take them to Bordeaux. Fogg is determined to go to Liverpool. He tries to convince the crew to take him to Liverpool instead of Bordeaux. He succeeds.

Personal Response - 3

I learned that working hard alone is not enough. We need determination to help us achieve our goals.


As a conclusion, the theme determination is important in this novel because it is shown throughout the whole story and I have learnt a lot of things from determination.


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